Holster types available are Avenger, Range Master, Pancake, IWB  Protector models and Belt Slide (see photo page for examples).  Colors available at this time are black, brown, light brown, saddle tan, british tan, and mahogany.  All holsters are wet molded and detail boned for retention.  All models are available in right or left hand.  Belt loops are standard size 1.5" but can be ordered any size you like.  Holster cant (neutral, FBI) can be specified during ordering.  I welcome a challenge and will work with you on any custom ideas you may have.

Magazine holders are available in single or double configuration. 


Avenger holster $60 (add $5 for protective tab)

Mini-avenger for small frame pistols $50

Range Master holster $50 (add $5 for border stamping)                                                                                      

Inside the waistband "Protector" model holster $75

Pancake holster $65 (includes hand tooled reinforcement)

Pancake with faux alligator inlay $75

Belt Slide holster with protective tab $45

Roughout pocket holster for small auto or revolver $40

Convertable front/rear pocket holster for small auto $45

Single mag pouch $20 add $10 for basketweave trim to match pancake holster

Double mag pouch (belt slide style) $35, $40 for IWB/OWB convertable.


Border stamp (add $5)

Full Basketweave (add $20) 

Smooth leather lining (add $20)

Add thumbsnap to holster (add $15)

Initials added to holster (add $5)

Handcarved floral reinforcement (add $20)

To place an order, go to the Contact Me page and send an email.  Shipping to anywhere in the U.S. is free!