Hey, I got the holsters today and they are just gorgeous. I currently have a 5" build on a Wilson Combat frame and slide that is going to find a home in these holsters. Perfect stuff.  I started wearing pancakes in the early 70s and I still have not found a better holster style for me, and believe me I have tried them all. These are great. Thanks again for the holsters.

John in Michigan

Hello, I recieved the Holster today boy what a Perfect Fit. Thank You for the quick turn around time.......


Hello Jared, I received the holster today and I am quite pleased with the looks and workmanship of it.......
Thank you for an excellent hand made holster,I hope to wear it a long time........

I have only had this holster & mag pouch for a few days & they have already become my favorites for range use. Just my style! High quality leather & workmanship & priced right!




I received the belt slide holster yesterday. Stretched it out over night and am now wearing it all day. It is very excellent quality. The belt slots are perfectly sized for my Beltman belt. The angle of carry is just right and the gun is tucked into my side. I look forward to giving your holster alot of carry time.

Thank you again for making such a high quality holster.

I wanted to PM you to say thank you for the great belt slide holster. IThe quality of the belt slide is amazing. I have been wearing it 18 hours a day since the day it arrived. I wear it at the 2 o'clock position and it disappears under a untucked shirt. The sweat guard is now formed to the thumb safety, which is a feature I like. The cant is just right for me. This is my first real belt slide holster I have tried and I am 100% happy. Full coverage holsters tend to pull my pants down with the extra weight, but your holster allows me to not have to cinch my belt so tight that I cannot breathe.

FWIW - I have been wearing your belt slide every day since I got it (minus 1 day I had to go IWB). Just an awesome holster with the perfect cant.



Just got home and your package was here.  I have to run so I have only had a chance to glance quick and check fit.  All I can say if fan-freaking-tastic!!!!!!  
Your basketweave is the best I have ever seen and rivals those makers from back in the day when leather work was a true art.  And, you certainly know fit is proper when a leather holster clicks as you seat the gun.  Oh, and the double-stamp on the avenger?  I can't even tell its hit twice and the fact that you can is a sign of your dedication to perfection.  I want to let everyone know how nice they are but then word gets out and I may have to wait longer on my next order.  Yep, I am selfish like that. 

You can bet I will be sharing photos, thoughts, and comments on the many forums I frequent.  Stand by to get busy.

I got the holster/Mag rig and it looks awesome. I had to stretch a little but it is NICE!

Best 90.00 I have spent in a long while.



I just received my holsters today and I must say you did an excellent job! Very nice work buddy! I look forward to doing business with you again in the future. Thanks again!



Hello Jared.
I just got home and opened the holster and mag pouch and I have one thing to say...
 ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The set you sent me is absolutely gorgeous.  So, let me get this straight...  You do awesome work, quickly, at a very fair price?  A shockingly rare but (from my end) very appreciated thing.  Thank you very much and I will be trying my best to send others your way.


Got your holster yesterday......

And it is Beautiful! You do great work, my friend. I will be buying from you in the future.


Hey Jared, got my holster and man is it AWESOME!!!!! WOO HOO, I LOVE IT!!!! That is just what I was looking for, my Kimber rides right in the center of it and fits GREAT!!!! I can't wait to wear it this weekend!!!! Man I don't see how you made that by hand, WHAT A GREAT JOB! I LOVE IT MAN! Excellent work!!! You can add me as a LIFETIME CUSTOMER!

Wanted to say thank you to SgtGing for the listed items. Received, and look fantastic! Very prompt service & shipping!

Thanks again!